Make your next special event a grand production

The opening ceremonies for the Olympics in Sydney used balloon lighting while the world watched and changed the game for event planners all over the globe. 

You don’t need to put on the Olympics to get perfect lighting for your next event. Night or day, we can provide the right lighting that’s both reliable and beautiful. We’ll handle everything from your logo on the balloons to the perfect light for professional photographers. 

It can be anything from sports on the world stage, corporate events or weddings—indoor or outdoor, we'll create a lighting event that will keep your guests talking for years to come. Skylight promises to give your event the same level of expert attention and detail that we provide for any of our Hollywood clients. Shoot us a note and let's talk about your next event. 

After Balloon Lighting was used for Sydney's Olympic Opening Ceremonies, event planners everywhere realized the potential for making both their daytime and nighttime events standout - whether indoor or outdoor. Skylight provides the same expert planning and service to your "production" that we do our Hollywood clients.