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  • “NEW” LED Balloons

  • Skyball

    If your location has frequent windy conditions but you still need the soft light a light balloon provides, this alternative will provide the light you need and a trouble free shoot.

    • Single pin electronic conversion allows you to easily switch from Tungsten to HMI, Sodium Vapor, Metal Halide, or Hybrid
    • Multiple power options providing the color temp and output you need using 2-6 circuits
    • Can be mounted on any junior receiver or hung with a single eye bolt
  • Skybox


    • Standard size frames: 8x8x8 10x10x10
    • Electronics: 2-24 circuits per unit
    • Choices per circuit: Tungsten 1-5k HMI 575w-4k Sodium Vapor 1k Metal Halide 1k-1500w

    As always Skylight offers custom size frames and electronic configurations to your specs.

  • Skylight Balloon

    With Skylight Balloon Lighting, you not only guarantee camera-ready non-glare, high-wattage lighting for your production, but also safety, speed of setup and more. Skylight’s Balloon Lighting is available in a wide range of sizes and specifications.
    Skylight’s Balloon Lighting envelopes create diffused illumination just right for daytime or nighttime photography. And our comprehensive rigging capabilities assure safe conditions no matter what your production, or Mother Nature, has to offer.
    We’ll be happy to discuss your production needs and find the lighting that’s right for your production or event.
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