01 Skylight-showcase

Light Balloon

Shapes and Sizes

light-balloon sphere sphere: 6.5', 8', 10', 12', 16.5'
“light-balloon ellipse: 12’x14’, 14’x20’
light-balloon tube tube: 5'x10', 6.5'x13', 8'x16', 8'x26', 9'x26'

light-balloon strip

Electronic Options

Tungsten: 650w-5000w

HMI: 575-4000w

Sodium Vapor: 1k

Metal Halide: 1k-1500

Spheres and Ellipses have 1 fixture with 1-6 circuits
Tubes have 2 fixtures with 1-4 circuits each
As always Skylight will customize to your specs when needed.